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So what does 2:24 mean?  Some have stated it is in reference to a Bible verse.  Not a specific one, but it does have Biblical implications.  2:24 is 2 hours and 24 minutes.  That is exactly 10 percent of a day.  It reminds us to serve others with 10 percent of our time, talent, and treasure.  It is the way we operate as a business by serving others with what we have been given.  It operates for all of our business decisions, the DNA of our values.  

Financial planning:

Whatever your financial planning needs – from developing an investment strategy, to planning for retirement, to evaluating your risk management needs – we can help. We understand the fear of making financial decisions alone. We help guide you along the path toward a lifetime of relevant financial clarity.

Investment management:

The key to investing is taking it at a pace that's right for you and staying focused on your long-term goals. We'll help you understand investment fundamentals and prioritize your goals. Why wonder if you are getting the optimum return for the risk you are taking with your investments? We use a mathematical and qualitative approach to determine a suitable amount of risk for your specific situation and design relevant portfolios that we believe have the highest potential to accomplish your goals. Do your investments align with your values? Are there perhaps some investments in your portfolio that may have questionable labor practices or are there others available that support human flourishing?

Relationship building:

Everyone experiences financial confusion at some point. We all hear about catastrophic financial failure. We help unwind all of that. We are all about clear, sound, and relevant recommendations. Our clients will never be alone as we are along for the entire ride. It is all about our relationships with our clients, not the transaction. Also, you will not have to get past a robot to talk to us. Plans will be confirmed. We think the future looks bright.

Giving Back:

Effective charitable giving can have a positive impact on causes that are important to you. A giving strategy can help your donation go further or allow giving to be a part of your estate plan. We start with heart-level conversations and from there, we recommend tax-efficient giving strategies using ideas that align with your values. Concerned about the legal and tax stuff? We have a great working relationship with many local attorneys and tax professionals that enable charitable gifting ideas to become reality. Charitable Giving is one of our favorite topics. 

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